Here’s an interesting article from Inc. Magazine about businesses that almost anyone can start.  The reason why many people can do these is that they can have low barriers to entry (e.g. startup costs, regulatory hurdles, etc.), moderate competition, and decent industry growth potential.  The list is:

1. Meditation studio

2. Consulting

3. QA testing

4. Online research

5. Virtual assistant

6. Corporate cleaning service

7. Dog walking

8. Lawn care and snow removal

9. Homemade gourmet foods

10. Green consulting

11. Assembling Ikea furniture

12. Personal organizer

The article misses the most important thing:  Passion.  That is why entrepreneurship is NOT for everyone.  If you’re going to start a business you have to be willing to work very very hard at it.  So if dog walking is a calling for you, go  out there and make some money!