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Latinos for Cannabis came to Your Startup Guru for help with their cannabis business plan.  The funding request would be used for growth, operational overhead, and raising awareness.

About Latinos for Cannabis

Latinos for Cannabis is a community-based organization that is committed to raising awareness of the social, economic, and medicinal benefits that Cannabis has to offer.

The goal of Latinos for Cannabis is economic, social, & political empowerment by demanding racial equity and accessibility to the cannabis industry.  As such, we offer three major service categories:

  • Civic Engagement & Education
    • Engage voters, public officials & community influencers – Organizing community town halls; lobbying and advocacy work to build community awareness.  Promote social responsibility through public education about medicine, nutrition, and the movement.
  • Industry Access
    • Promote growth & accessibility – Access to capital and business infrastructure support for new and existing industry members.  We will offer training and resources on how to start/operate a business.  Provide information on regulations, access to licenses, entry into the industry, market, and jobs through industry workshops.
  • Reparation & Social Justice
    • Maintain a level of accountability to Latino communities – We will monitor tax revenue of cannabis initiatives such as Prop. 64 and use grant capital to provide job training, record expungement, penalty reduction, drug treatment, and education, as well as immigration training and workshops to educate our community on the law and their rights.

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