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How to make a better pitch deck


One of the key tasks for any startup is pitching your business.  Whether it be to potential investors, lenders, future partners, etc.  Conveying information compellingly is difficult so creating a narrative is helpful.  As with any narrative, stories are best told with pictures.

Presentations with bullet points and lots of text are ill-advised…and some very influential people agree.  Google CEO Sundar Pichai used only about 40 words over the course of 12 slides in his presentation at the company’s developers conference this year.  One researcher concludes that the average PowerPoint presentation contains 40 words per slide.  The slides in Sundar’s presentation mainly contained pictures and animations.  The slides with text were only used to succinctly describe the image.

This is because it is difficult for the brain to do two things at once:  namely, read and listen.  However, looking and listening is much easier.

Contact us and let’s craft a beautiful, highly, persuasive pitch deck for your business.

Business Plan and Pitch Deck for Listing Website

BizBoards came to us to create a business plan and pitch deck for their listing website. Their website improves the online marketplace for key business activities by creating a simple affordable one-stop-shop.  As of now, customers are paying large fees to use an unattractive interface to find/advertise work, investments, business sales, and partnerships.  BizBoards streamlines this once-difficult process with a sleek, effective, and powerful solution.

Your Startup Guru prepared a business plan and pitch deck that allowed them to secure financing and attract team members for their launch.

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Health and Wellness App Pitch Deck

DIEM is an improvement on existing health and wellness apps by giving actionable, real-time insights into your nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, and community. DIEM then provides you answers, tips, motivation, and affirmation all along the journey to better health & wellness.

Last year Your Startup Guru had the pleasure of helping DIEM with their pitch deck and key personnel bios.  At the time, their product was named something else.  We are thrilled to see how they pivoted to adjust their name and service.

Contact us to launch and grow your health wellness app.

Another happy client: BizBoards

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BizBoards is a revolutionary way to sell your business, seek investment, and recruit talent.

I was happy to prepare a business plan and pitch deck for this exciting new company.

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