Valuation Methods

Our client needed a valuation for the purchase of a pharmacy. A valuation is crucial to determine a reasonable purchase price range for a business. Several methods, adjusted specifically for pharmacies, had to be used to arrive at a valuation. The methods used were Enterprise Value, VC Method, Discounted Cash Flow Method, and the Multiples Methods based on historical financial statements. Then an average was taken from the calculated values to arrive at a valuation.

Enterprise Value

The Enterprise value (EV) measures a company’s total value, often used as a more comprehensive alternative to market capitalization, also known as Equity Value. Also, if the company is not publicly traded, market cap is not an option. To calculate EV, you subtract the market value of liabilities and non-operating assets from the market value of assets and add in non-operating liabilities. Essentially, it is the value of the company’s net operational assets to all investors.


The Venture Capital valuation method is a common method used by venture capitalists to value an investment. To calculate this method, one estimates the investment needed, forecast startup financials, determine the timing of the exit, calculate the multiple at exit, discount to the present value at the desired rate of return, and from there determine valuation and desired ownership stake.

Discounted Cash Flow

The Discounted Cash Flow Method is considered the most detailed and most heavily relied form of valuation for a business. To valuate a company using the DCF method, an investor makes estimates about future cash flows and the ending value of the investment and adjusts those future values to the present value using an appropriate discount rate. The sum of the discounted amounts is the intrinsic value of the investment.


The Multiples Method is a valuation method based on the theory that similar assets sell at similar prices. The method takes a financial ratio, such as price-to-earnings, or equity value, or enterprise value (as discussed above), then multiply it by a specific number unique to the industry sector that the subject company is in. This gives a calculated value of what the company is worth.

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