One of the key tasks for any startup is pitching your business.  Whether it be to potential investors, lenders, future partners, etc.  Conveying information compellingly is difficult so creating a narrative is helpful.  As with any narrative, stories are best told with pictures.

Presentations with bullet points and lots of text are ill-advised…and some very influential people agree.  Google CEO Sundar Pichai used only about 40 words over the course of 12 slides in his presentation at the company’s developers conference this year.  One researcher concludes that the average PowerPoint presentation contains 40 words per slide.  The slides in Sundar’s presentation mainly contained pictures and animations.  The slides with text were only used to succinctly describe the image.

This is because it is difficult for the brain to do two things at once:  namely, read and listen.  However, looking and listening is much easier.

In practice, one doesn’t always have the opportunity to present in person (or even over the phone).  That is why it is important to have two versions.  The in-person (presentation) version, and the leave-behind version.  The leave-behind version has more text and information that you would normally speak to.  The in-person version is the modern low-text version that you would present live.  You get both for the price of one from me at extremely low prices.  Contact me and let’s craft a beautiful, highly, persuasive pitch deck for your business.